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Game viewing wildlife safaris and tours are some of the most saught after holiday / vacation experiences in Africa. Every dream of an African holiday maker during an African safari is to watch the Great Game roaming the undulating savannas of Africa. Game viewing wildlife safaris in Africa will definitely reward you with sights of the African Big Five including the; Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhinoceros for example on your wildlife safari in Uganda.

The East African region in particular is not an ordinary Africa safari destination, it has a wealth of wildlife safari activities particularly game viewing on walking safaris, nature walks and safari drives. National Parks and Game Reserves, offer complete wildlife safari experiences to African holiday makers. They habituate several species of game apart from the Big Five such as; Rothschild’s Giraffes, Waterbucks, Cheetahs, Zebras, Kobs, Antelopes, Warthogs, Hippopotamus, Jackson’s Hartebeests and Wildebeests among others.

For remarkable African holidays, wildlife safaris in Uganda in particular offer superb game viewing experiences, with National Parks like Kidepo Valley notable for its strong wilderness atmosphere, offering classic wildlife viewing and photography safaris.

Murchison Falls national park, known for its dramatic falls and an assortment of wildlife scenes plus Queen Elizabeth national park which is a great escape for the rare African scenes of the tree climbing Lions, are Uganda’s premier game viewing safari sites. Masai Mara known for its great wildlife migration, Lake Nakuru for the Flamingos, Hells Gate and Tsavo in Kenya, Akagera in Rwanda among others offer prime opportunities to have the best Game expeditions while on your African holiday, particularly wildlife safari in Uganda.

On your wildlife safari in Uganda, you will partake in a number of African holiday wildlife activities that present you opportune moments to spot the game variety at either dawn or dusk, these include; Safari game drives, Launch /Boat trips along major water ways like the river Nile and Kazinga channel among others, Trekking safaris, Nature walks and Walking safaris accompanied by armed ranger guides etc.

Avens Travel World safari and destination experts will stir your needs into one flawless customized wildlife safari in Uganda and other East African regions, where you will encounter some fascinating wildlife species. Our pre-arranged game viewing wildlife safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and other areas can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. They range from short wildlife viewing excursions to long programs of more than 6 days of just game viewing or combined with other activities like Gorilla trekking and other primate tracking Africa safari, adventure, Photography safaris, culture and others.

2 Day Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls
Overview: Murchison Falls national park is Uganda’s largest wildlife safari conservation area, the park covers an area of over, concealed by Borassus palms, Acacia trees, Savanna and Riverine woodland on the northern bank while the southern sector is dominated by woodland and forest ....
3 Days Big Game in Murchison Fall
Overview: Murchison Falls National Park offers superb wildlife safaris in Uganda. At about 3,840 square kilometers, it is Uganda’s largest conservation area covered by; Borassus palms, Acacia trees, Savanna and Riverine woodland on the northern bank with the southern sector dominated by woodl ....
3 Days Fly In Express Wildlife to Kidepo
Overview: Kidepo Valley National Park [KVNP] is a finest Uganda wildlife safari destination. It is a wildlife Gem in the remote northern corner of the country, an oasis in the semi desert remarkable for photography safaris, wildlife safari viewing and great scenery. The park is traversed by large ....
3 Days Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth
Overview: Queen Elizabeth is Uganda’s second largest National Park. It is a classic Uganda safari destination for wildlife viewing safaris hosting over 95mammal species and birdwatching safaris with over 600 bird species; a number of bird species higher than any other African protected area. ....
4 Days Big Game and Chimpanzee Tracking
Overview: On this 4 days Murchison Falls Uganda wildlife safari, you will go game viewing in Murchison Falls National Park, Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo Forest reserve and a detour to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to track the White Rhinos on foot safari which is worth the time. The park is Uganda’ ....
5 Days Kidepo Valley Wildlife
Overview: Kidepo Valley National Park [KVNP] is a finest wilderness safari destination. It is a Gem in the remote Northern corner of the country, an oasis in the semi desert. The park is traversed by large sand rivers, which are known to host a huge population of game, there are over 77 mammals wi ....
8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari
Overview: On this tour, you visit Uganda’s premier safari destinations on an epic safari experience. This tour will let you through the Western circuit to the best game destinations in the Pearl of Africa. You will visit Murchison Falls National Park known for its dramatic water falls where t ....
8 Days Gorillas Chimps tracking and Game
Overview: This safari gives you a complete taste of Uganda’s iconic wildlife including the sought after Mountain Gorillas in the impenetrable wilds of Bwindi, the great Game in the savanna plains of Queen Elizabeth as well as the delightful Chimpanzees in the tropical forests of Kibale. The t ....
8 Days Pearl of Africa Culture and Wildlife Safari
Overview: On this epic tour, you will savor the cultural delights Uganda has on its menu. You will tour the bustling city of Kampala visiting some of its interesting sites like; Mengo Palace, the Royal Mile, Gaddafi mosque, Bahai temple and Wamala tombs among other sites. You will visit Igongo muse ....
12 Days Uganda wildlife and adventure
Overview: This is an epic grand safari within Uganda; the Pearl of Africa, this tour will let you discover some of Uganda’s best spots and premier wildlife destinations. Uganda is no ordinary safari destination, offering sublime tourist experiences ranging from Big Game viewing in the strikin ....

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 Gorilla Trekking
Gorilla tracking is one of the best Uganda safaris and most exciting activities you can have on any African safari. It is such a humbling experience to encounter the majestic Silverback Gorilla (s) and their families in the forested and misty mountain ranges of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and ....
 Birdwatching Uganda tours and safaris
For dedicated Ornithologists, specialized birders and budding birding beginners, we tailor your birdwatching Uganda tour needs into one perfect birdwatching tour / safari itinerary. The country is a premier birdwatching destination on the African continent, with more than 1060 bird species and it is ....
 Adventure Safaris Uganda
Travelling to Africa creates sheer adventure to those looking for active and challenging holiday experiences. In particular, adventure safaris Uganda are classic African holiday moments, and as a country, Uganda is a premier African adventure tourism and holiday destination with various sites and ac ....
 Primate Tracking Safaris
Second to the exciting Mountain Gorilla trekking Uganda safaris, are Chimpanzee tracking safaris in Uganda. At Avens Travel World, we organize other forms of Primate tracking tours and safaris, which can be 100% tailored to make your African holidays epic moments of greatness. They include Chimpanze ....
 Cultural Safaris
Cultural safaris in Uganda are a feeling of splendor. It is such a flawless safari experience to encounter some of the most interesting people and cultures of Eastern Africa. Apart from the famous Masai people of Kenya who are similar to the Karamojong of Uganda, Uganda is a perfect destination for ....
 Photography Tours and Safaris
One way to remember and capture the thrill of a destination is through photography and a safari or tour in Africa is a perfect thing. Eastern Africa is a captivating region with exceptional cultures, dramatic landscapes and wildlife which draw travellers all the way from their home countries, it off ....

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