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With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world was hit hard and majority of the economic sectors suffered a huge blow, with the Travel and Tourism industry being no exception. 
The novel Corona Virus Disease (Covid19) was an outbreak of greater International Public Health Impact which has seen the world not left the same like before; economies shuttered, social ties broken and there has been significant change in various aspects of life. For those in the Tourism and Travel Industry, it was very hard to project into the future and we were uncertain how it could be and at what point in time we could gain balance or momentum. It was and has been a tricky and hard unprecedented time of massive and strict travel restrictions; internationally, regionally and domestically, so many lives of travelers have been impacted in that way.

The Covid-19 pandemic becoming a new normal, different governments started taking precautions, followed by relaxing the restrictions and lifting the bans, for example on travel, by setting up various Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to various stake-holders, and with the advent of the various vaccines, there seems to be a burning light at the end of the tunnel for not only those in travel but the world at large.

As travel resumes, at Avens Travel World, we have come up with a number of safety precautions and operating procedures, as well as closely following advice and guidelines from reputable organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO;- find their travel tips and Covid-19 updates here) to ensure maximum safety and health of our revered clients as well as instilling confidence and giving them peace of mind while on their travels i.e. safaris.

Please, Kindly note, that before or while planning your travels, you are aware of the Covid-19 measures or Standard Procedures or guidelines to or within a particular destination. It is better and highly advised to read about the Covid-19 policy measure and guidelines of a destination you are planning to visit or consult your travel agent for help.

At Avens Travel World, we have outlined for you some of our precautionary measures to ensure welfare of our clients;

  • If you are an arriving client for/on an African safari or holiday, our company guides or representatives at the airports who will receive you are equipped with the minimum safety standards and procedures, e.g. wearing a face mask is mandatory and surgical gloves where necessary.

  • Our pick-up vans/cars and those you will use during your stay, transfers or safari are highly clean and disinfected before use, with each, at least equipped with a 200-500 ml Sanitizer for general use as well as where possible, a 50-150ml Hand Sanitizer for private use.

  • During this period, our choice of accommodation is with utmost care, we only recommend and use those that have set precautionary measures to ensure maximum safety of our clients, such as social distancing, disinfecting and cleaning of common or public access areas or high contact surfaces at the hotels and lodges, reception areas equipped with sanitizers as well as accommodation staff wearing their face masks.

  • At the moment, we mainly conduct and recommend solo and group private guided tours i.e. if it is a group (such as family, friends or couples), the travel parties/ participants must have booked, arranged and/or travelled together.

  • For group travels or tours, “if” to be conducted or arranged, the parties or participants must consent to each other with strict precautionary measures followed such as possessing negative PCR Tests valid on time of arrival at the port of entry like the airport or at the time of departure for a safari or tour if in a destination where tour is to be conducted.

  • In public or shared areas such as camps, hotels and lodges, as well as activity departure points or shared activities like cruise ships or boats while in a destination like Resorts, National Parks among others, the responsible and respective authorities have the responsibility and have set measures to ensure safety of participants and/or clients like but not limited to, registration of participants, screening, use of temperature guns, use of various rapid testing kits where necessary, social distancing, constant cleaning and disinfecting of the facilities and many other precautions.

Our promise as a company is to ensure the maximum safety and comfortable stay of all our clients during this unprecedented time of the novel Corona Virus, as such we promise to do everything in our power as a Travel and Destination Management Company to protect and ensure the health of our clients. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries regarding how to plan your travels or holiday during this time and we are glad to help.

Wishing You and Your Beloved Ones Safety and Perfect time During This Time!!

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Address: Kira house (Former Collines House), opposite NIC building

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